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We offer a 16-hour Leave No Trace Trainer Course that is open to guides, outdoor leaders, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who uses the outdoors. This course will provide you not only with an in‐depth knowledge of the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) but also with the skills to teach them to others in your unit, district or council.

You will learn to become a LNT Trainer by training others. Each participant will be responsible for presenting a 10‐15 minute lesson to others in the course. The course is limited to 12 participants, so sign up quickly.

Course theme: Hiking based course
Participant demands:
 Interested in learning more about Leave No Trace. You must be minimum 16 years of age and in OK physical condition to take part
Language: Good spoken & written English
Place: Flåm, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Dates: 12th to 14th May 2017
Length: 16 hrs
Price: NOK 3900,- Includes all meals, course materials and tents
Meet up: Flåm Samfunnshus, 12th May at 17.00
Sign on / Contactervin@kajakk.com or phone +47 91 32 66 28

COURSE CONTENT: This two day course assists student participants in learning more about the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) and techniques for disseminating these low impact skills. LNT Trainer Courses are designed for educators, guides, agency employees and other outdoor professionals. Successful graduates of the Trainer Course gain skills to teach Leave No Trace techniques and ethics to their clients, friends and family.

Participants learn the concept of Leave No Trace and prepare to teach Leave No Trace curriculum in a variety of settings – such as schools, camps, parks, wilderness and front country areas. Workshop topics include the underlying ethics and seven principles of Leave No Trace.

WHAT WILL WE DO: The course cost include food, lodging and materials. We will spend one night “front country camping” and one night “back country camping” somewhere within the area of the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park or Aurlandsdalen. You will need to complete a Particpant Health Form, and bring equipment to camp on the ground in a tent.

WHY ATTEND THIS COURSE: As outdoor recreation grows in popularity, protected natural areas may suffer from overuse and high impact behaviors. Outdoor visitors engage in an increasingly diverse array of recreational activities that can degrade both natural environments and the quality of experiences for other visitors. Many impacts can be avoided and others minimized if visitors alter their behavior through the adoption of low-impact practices. The U.S. Leave No Trace (LNT) program has become an international authority on low-impact skills and ethics for outdoor activities. Guided by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, and with the participation of numerous governmental, commercial and nonprofit partners, the LNT program has developed educational literature and courses to encourage adoption of low-impact skills and ethics for non-motorized outdoor recreationists. The curriculum is supported by scientific studies of visitor impacts, but few studies have documented the degree to which LNT practitioners gain, retain, or apply the knowledge, practices, and ethics that are promoted. This study evaluates the efficacy of the two-day LNT Trainer course developed and authorized by the Center for Outdoor Ethics.

ABOUT LEAVE NO TRACE: http://www.nols.edu/lnt/principles.shtml 

Leave No Trace is a US national education program dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible recreational practices through education, research and partnerships. The Leave No Trace program is a partnership of federal land management agencies, outdoor educators, conservation groups, manufacturers, outdoor retailers, user groups and individuals who share a commitment to preserving and protecting our public lands.

Leave No Trace Creation and History
The US Forest Service formalized a partnership with NOLS in 1990 to develop a written Leave No Trace educational curriculum for wildland visitors. NOLS’ involvement in the program marked the beginning of the partnership model that continues to the present day. NOLS also developed the ethics and experiential training aspects of the LNT program, the capstone of which is a five-day Master Educator Course for land managers, outfitters and outdoor educators. In 1994, NOLS helped to found the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Boulder, Colorado.