Kayak gatherings

Njord is well known to enjoy a good mood and kayakparties. We encourage people to join Askvoll Kayak Club and God Tur on these quality arrangements.

God Tur Paddle festival last weekend in May

The summer is not here without ththis event! As usual it happens on Langøy Coastal Culture Centre on Sotra. Courses, tours and workshops, food and a great mood. God Tur AS arranges. More information on God Tur website.

Storm Gathering last weekend in September in Bulandet.

This is our gift to Njord, the god of the sea, wind and storms! Organising a place to stay is your own responsibility. Check out www.bulandet-grendalag.org for possibilities to overnight. Askvoll Kayak Club is arranging, more information on the Askvoll Kayak Club website.

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